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What requires SEO Company of the website

The most important mission of any website is obtaining the maximum number of visitors and extraction from this of any advantage, for example, conversion of visitors in clients of the company, registration of users, etc. Therefore just to design the website and to launch it, in most cases insufficiently. It is necessary to hold a complex of events for its advance and advertizing.

Advance of the websites and contextual advertizing — powerful tools for involvement of users on your Internet resource. Let's deal with each of them separately.

SEO ( search engines)

SEO of the websites or as it is called by   (SEO — Search Engine Optimization, optimization under retrieval engines) serves in order that your website in case of a search query in  Google held a place as it is possible above. Top-10, Top-5, and over time, perhaps, and Top-1 will be result of retrieval optimization.

Process of seo of advance the quite long also depends on a row of factors, one of which your competitors. The market of your services is more free, the it will be simpler to get on the first line items.

For increase in attendance of the website our experts carry out a row of actions:

First, it is necessary to book retrieval audit of the website to carry out recommendations about improving of the website and to work strategy for its advance.

The main and important step to the SEO — creation of a semantic kernel of the website. The Seo-specialist is at keywords in this data domain with the greatest rate according to which your website also will appear in search results.

Optimization of contents and structure of the website needs to be carried out in order that all pages were connected among themselves by hyperlinks, and the structure of the website was simple and clear not only to retrieval robots, but also users.

Writing of unique text content will allow much bystry to lift the website in the Top. If texts are written especially for your project, and their uniqueness is more than 75%, it positively will affect advance.

And also registration of the website in search engines, registration in directories, increase in referential mass of the website, connection of monitoring systems of attendance, placement of contextual and media advertizing — all this is included into advance service.

Contextual advertizing

The contextual advertizing allows to appear at the request of the user to your website in the top of the page of Google in the first day. It is bystry and very effective method of advance as such advertizing is shown to users who looked for these goods or service. The contextual advertizing is aimed at specific users who look for on your requests "here and now". Plus of such advertizing is its cost. You pay only for cliques, for transition of the user to your website. It isn't necessary to pay for nothing for advertizing which, perhaps, will be seen, and it is possible, and isn't present. And if see, then it can be people not of so your target audience who don't need this service.